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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prayer for Tuesday, May 10

Faithfulness and Courage in the Local Community

God of Faithfulness, give us eyes to see our community the way that you see it; reveal the thin places where your kingdom is breaking in and shed light on the dark places where you are at work. God Almighty we know that your heart breaks over pain that we can’t even see. We pray that you will embolden us to truly see the ugly things around us and weep with those who are weeping. Give us the faith and the courage to see and to act as you lead. O God of Faithfulness, we know you’re already at work here, we ask that you strengthen us to join you.

Where is God at work in your community? Where do we desperately need God to work in your community? How can you join in? Today, take a few minutes to discuss one or both of these with another person in your community - a neighbor, a friend at a coffee shop, a total stranger...someone.

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