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Monday, May 16, 2011

Prayer for Monday, May 16

Discipleship and Spiritual Formation in the Church

God Who Forms, your Church and your Kingdom will not be stopped, because they are yours. We recognize this and praise you for it. And yet Father, we also confess that the temptation toward the path of least resistance is powerful. It is not easy or painless to conformed to your image, because of our desires for instant gratification and the hold that sin has on everything around us. But you are the God Who Forms! To you we turn for our salvation, our transformation. By your grace, strengthen your Church to live boldly as a community of discipleship; as those who are committed to continual spiritual formation.

Its unavoidable: anything we do as humans is going to be flawed. The Church is a partnership between God and humanity. God is no fool. If the Lord chose to invite people into the mix, flaws were always going to be part of the story. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t continue striving for perfection in the image of God (which is only achieved through authentic, full connection to and relationship with God)- what else would be a worthwhile goal? So, as you have time today, make note of practices which have benefitted your own process of discipleship and those which may have had less of an impact or were even detrimental. Please share these! FB, comments here, email messages, twitter, text, smoke signal, whatever!

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