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Monday, May 9, 2011

Prayer for Monday, May 9

A Faithful and Courageous Church

God of Faithfulness, your patience exceeds our comfort. We pray to step beyond the boundaries of what we call kindness. Expand our notion of mercy and enable us to turn toward our enemies even when they do not turn toward us. God, protect us from our fear; strengthen us to move forward as your people in this place, full of faith, knowing that you are with us and you are already where we are headed. O God of Faithfulness, give us the courage to move past our desire for self-preservation and trust instead in your provision in the midst of uncertainty.

What specific ways has your church community shown itself faithful and courageous; for what can you celebrate and praise God? What is an area where your church family needs to embrace a courageous trust in God and act out of a concern for the advancement of the Kingdom, perhaps requiring a bold move beyond comfort and security? Lift both of these up to God in prayer and take the opportunity to share them also with your church family.

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