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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Season of Prayer

We have recently begun the process of developing a new organization called Intentional People. This ministry will serve to foster:
1) Collaboration in missional life by creating space for conversation, online community and inspirational stories of whole-life discipleship among "normal" people.
2) Cultivation of missional disciples through training, resources and spiritual formation practices.

Before we attempt any fundraising or official beginning for Intentional People, we want to be people who are intentional about prayer and following the leading of the Spirit. We have invited a group of family and friends to join us over the next seven weeks - from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday - for a season of communal prayer. Each week I'll be sending out a scripture passage for reflection, a weekly devotional and daily prayers. I am also posting them all here and I invite you to join us as well.

Each week during this season of prayer we will focus on a different theme. Each day we will approach that theme from a different perspective. Here are the themes we'll use for the next 7 weeks.

Week 1 - Gratitude and Joy

Week 2 - Wisdom and Discernment

Week 3 - Faithfulness and Courage

Week 4 - Personal Discipleship and Spiritual Formation

Week 5 - Partners and Community

Week 6 - Mission and Commission

Week 7 - Fruit and Harvest


Sunday - God

Monday - Church

Tuesday - The Local Community

Wednesday - The Global Community

Thursday - The Poor and Oppressed

Friday - Ourselves

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