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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prayer for Tuesday

Tuesday - Gratitude for our Local Community
Father we thank you that you have seen fit to guide us to this place at this time. Teach us to joyfully reflect the incarnation of your Son as we seek to inhabit our neighborhood. We are grateful that in you we live and move and have our being and that you have seen fit to give that life expression in the midst of this neighborhood, this coffee shop, this office, this park, this school community.

We ask Lord that you will open our eyes to the expressions of your Kingdom that are being displayed in this place. Teach us to rejoice and be glad when we see the poor neighbor opening their home to others, when we see the single mother sacrifice much out of love for her children, when a city official takes a stance in defense of the powerless. God we are grateful that you are working in this place and we ask that you continue to give us opportunities to join you in your mission of reconciliation right here, right now.

Today, take a moment to notice and express gratitude to God for some example of the Kingdom working its way into your local community. Take a short prayer walk through your neighborhood, expressing gratitude to God for the people who dwell in those houses. Let those who have eyes to see, see.

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