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Monday, October 19, 2009

Missional and Incarnational Life

Over the next several days I’ll be posting a series of conversation starters on the topic of missional / incarnational life. I am convinced that this way of encountering and living out our faith is essential. The language may change - in other words, I’m not committed to the words “missional” and “incarnational” - but the realities to which these words point are grounded in scripture and issue from the very nature of God - to the degree which God has chosen to be revealed and we are able to discern.

These posts are all written and are scheduled as follows:

Tuesday, October 20 - Contrasts

Thursday, October 22 - Toward a Missional and Incarnational Theology

Monday, October 26 - From Theology to Practice & From Ministry to Theology

Wednesday, October 28 - What does missional life look like?

Friday, October 30 - Issues of Sustainability

I don’t know how much conversation these will generate. There was a day when we had long conversations back and forth, but I posted more regularly back then...

I hope to engage in dialog, but I want to say now that if the content of a comment is primarily addressed in a later post, I may not say more about it until after that post has come up. 

Thanks for working through these issues with me.

Grace and Peace,


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