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Saturday, March 21, 2009


The Modern Traveler has been preparing for a certain journey for quite some time now. My brothers-in-law (Chris, Robert and Ira) and I are leaving tomorrow for a week-long kayaking/backpacking trip in Arkansas. We'll be doing around 30 miles of the Lower Buffalo River through the Buffalo and Leatherwood wildernesses.

I think that all of us have been packed since Monday!

So, if you get a chance over the next few days please say a prayer for the safety of our trip...and the sanity of my super-trooper wife.



Rachel said...

Miss you already!

Grandy said...

I want to see a detailed post of the entire trip. I bet ya'll had a blast with all the storms. If you have to make several posts.

Bret Wells said...

I'll definitely be doing that Andy - just as soon as I wade through these mountains of stuff that was waiting for me when I returned...