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Don't miss any of the conversation! Join us at the new home of the Ancient Journey Blog

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome To Modern Traveler: Ancient Journey

With the launch of the new Christ Journey website: I've decided to also to roll out this new blog for several reasons.

Probably the main reason is that CJ LIfe is based on a blogger site and so I wanted to move back to blogger to be able to manage both sites from one dashboard. It also gives me an opportunity to revamp and reevaluate. You'll find many - though not all - of the posts from my previous blog Deep Wells (which is still active).

This blog, Modern Traveler: Ancient Journey reflects my desire to maintain a connection to the grand story of God and his people throughout the ages while also navigating my own context here today. Those wanting me to start something more like my uberblogger wife's famous Wellsbrothers'll probably be disappointed. There will still be plenty of nerdy content on this blog, though I do want to be intentional about posting more devotional type reflections as well.

CJ Life maintains a daily posting schedule, which I contribute to, but there's very little chance that Ancient Journey will have anything resembling a daily schedule!

To everyone visiting for the first time - welcome and thanks for stopping by! I invite you to participate with me as fellow travelers.